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We offer clients objective, independent assistance in creating financial plans designed to preserve and increase assets, and help in planning for important life events.

We can provide guidance in:

Estate planning

We can develop a plan that will limit estate taxes while preserving assets for your heirs.  For businesses, we can create viable succession plans and help address special family concerns.

Retirement planning

We can determine the amount of savings and investment returns that will be necessary to reach your goals for a financially secure retirement and can offer investment planning guidance.

College Funding

In recent years, soaring tuition costs have turned financing a college education into a major financial challenge.  We can help project future college costs, develop a sound investment plan and offer advice in navigating the financial aid process.

Risk Management

Sound financial planning includes making sure you have adequate insurance coverage.  We can help you assess your current level of coverage, identify gaps in life, health, disability, long-term care and property insurance, and develop a plan to fill them.